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Growth occurs within uncomfortableness By Latasha Schraeder

We are embarking on an academic year that will certainly come with some feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. However, I am still hopeful the 2020-2021 school year will bring much success and academic achievement. Despite an unconventional start, administrators and educators are making every effort to ensure our children have a successful year. As parents, we must be open and willing to collaborate with educators even more than we have in the past. Our willingness to support our students’ learning at home is more important now than ever before. Students are depending on both their teachers and parents to provide them with guidance and resources for a successful first quarter.

To manage the anxiety, create a routine for your children even if they are attending class virtually. Start each day with a healthy breakfast, schedule short breaks throughout the day, set aside time for work completion, and create a bedtime routine. Children thrive in order. Even as adults, we are our best selves when we know what to expect. Do your best to set expectations so your children know to take this school year seriously. It is still important, if not more so, for students to put forth their best effort.

One important thing I want to share with you is that remote and hybrid learning models are unfamiliar, new and uncomfortable for all of us. However, there is a silver lining: growth occurs within uncomfortableness. I challenge you to embrace the process. As parents, we can spend our energy and thoughts on the negative aspects of the new learning models or we can spend our energy thinking of new ways to support students. The choice is yours. I wish you and your family an amazing 2020-2021 school year. Be well.