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Gratitude Returned For Mercy Revealed By Rev. Charity E. Sephus

Luke 17:17 Jesus asked “were not all ten cleansed?”

With a united consciousness soaring, ten lepers who had previously been unable to associate with healthy people dismissed the urge to hang back. Knowing they were considered to be a mark of God’s displeasure, altogether they blatantly ignored all awareness of the puerile idiotic opinionated observers; when Jesus came! All prior hesitations disappeared because Jesus entered the village.   

The presence of Jesus would not only bless those who had no disgusting illness, but it would also produce a new civilization protesting the chauvinism and absurdity; leaving no one to protest. In the presence of Jesus, some questioned the rights of the sick to get so close to Jesus, but there was no one to second the motion to “isolation of the sick community.” They stood respectfully, at a distance from Jesus, the infinitely pure one, but they lifted their voices saying, “Jesus! Master! Have mercy on us!” Their request was unanimous and extremely desperate.

It was the law that lepers had to be inspected and Jesus was careful to observe that law as he sent the lepers to the priest for inspection. That was a test of their obedience and faith because Jesus did not announce aloud to them that they were cleansed. One of them noticed that he was healed, and turned back. With a loud voice, he glorified God! As he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, he said Thank you! His gratitude was timely. It was sensible. It was wise. That was only one noble example of the mercies revealed by the spoken word of God.

Anyone would think there would be a new breed of super worshipers, praise dancers, and preachers after the manifestation of Love was revealed. Well, there was only one. He was a Samaritan; a foreigner with no prior privilege, or pure experience of grace and mercy. However, this miraculous revelation taught him to automatically acknowledge and worship of God.

Jesus asked the question, “Where are the nine?” Where do you think they were? Perhaps, they were having a party, maybe shopping. Oh! Now they could show off around that elite constituency who would not receive them before the revealed mercies of God. In today’s society, I can imagine Jesus constantly asking similar questions because people take so much for granted even when God uses us to help one another, some gratitude should come naturally. Unnumbered voices should come up from within echoing thanksgiving and songs of triumphant deliverance.

That day, Jesus was tired from a long journey yet he ministered without complaint or excuses. Serious, wondrous, miraculous blessings from our Master should not be reserved for private boast. God’s blessings decorate us and should decorate our everyday speech especially in a nation that seems to have forgotten “IN GOD WE TRUST”! Out of this slogan came a great and farfetched exaggeration, and out of it came a great Americanism that will flourish even more with the “High praises of God in our mouth, and a two-edged sword in our hand.” Psalm 149:6 

Now let us publish with a voice of thanksgiving!” Psalm 26:7