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Grandparents…A National Treasure By Mae Catherine Godhigh

I thought I’d write about Thanksgiving or the history of Black Friday. My mind landed on a subject matter that trumps both; Grandparent’s Day!

During the month of November, communities will be celebrating Grandparents. In the country of Japan, it is one of the most revered holidays.

In America, we place a high premium on collecting old cars, old paintings, old coins and old documents. We tend to collect anything and everything but “old people.” Let that simmer for a moment.

The memories of grandparents are priceless. Close your eyes and think about what your grandparents mean to you. Your grandparents were/are “living libraries and a trusted source. Chances are you will never forget the stories about things of long ago. How about the songs they sang; not to mention the old rocking chair. They held you and rocked you until you fell asleep. Your grandparent’s home was the place of endless snacks and old school popcorn.

Grandparents are the world’s best babysitters and friends. I remember a cute grandparent carton. It read, Grandma, if you’re thinking of buying me a treat, it can be our little secret. Grandparents spoiled you and sent you home. For every “no” from your parents meant a “yes” from your grandparents. Grandparents baked your favorite cookies for a “Just because holiday.” The sleepover are the best because there is no curfew. If anyone messed with you, your grandparents would turn into kick-butt ninjas.

The best place to be when you were sad was on your grandparent’s lap. Your pictures and artwork covered their refrigerator. A hug and a kiss from them was the best medicine ever!

You believed your grandparents had “deep pockets.” A grandchild’s “Want It” list looks much like this: Saw it, liked it, told my grandparents and Got It!

Riding in their convertibles was magical, and you knew your grandparents’ rock! Their brag books were second to none. Your grandfather was your hero, and he could fix anything! Remember when your grandma’s exercise consisted of a kiss and squeeze?

When you look into the faces of your grandchildren, do you see glimpses and mannerisms of their grandparents? The best moments are grandparent moments.

This month and throughout all of the year, take time to remember and appreciate their time spent with you.

From a grandmother’s perspective, something magical happened when I became a grandmother. As I grew older, I thought the best part of my life was over until I was handed my first grandchild. In that moment, I realized the best part of my life had just begun. I discovered my kids may have aged me, but my grandchildren made me young again.

Oh well, someday, we’ll realize the damage we caused. In the meanwhile, have a very Happy National Grandparent’s Treasure’s Day!