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Grandma, Mom and Leaves By DECB, Sr.

Gray clouds now cover bare branches

God knows I love this scene

The snow and ice they blanket the ground,

Wintertime where now I dream.

Of Spring and all new blossoms,

How I long for this sweet time,

When mother came from Grandmother’s womb,

God took them, but it’s just fine,

With what my Lord has let me know,

About Earth’s life, the ice and snow

As warm winds wait to push them out,

Pray God I grow and grow.

Gray clouds now cover bare branches

It’s January time not long to wait,

When streams shall run to make sweet brooks

Pray God I have my mate.

For all inside my soul does stir

When clouds are gray and branches bare,

To think back there, the way back there,

On how their love and care

Has brought me to this place in time,

To love the things God has made,

To not forget them as I walk

To never be afraid,

Of ice, the cold, and snow which fly’s

To look into the sky so gray

To find the beauty in bare trees

For soon they’re gone away,

And now the wonder where they went,

Comes into the mind I own,

Gray and bare aren’t bad at all,

Just time All went back home.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind

Jan. 2004