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Graduates: Congratulations! No One’s Coming to Save You By Katherine Young

First, you deserve to be CONGRATULATED. You have accomplished your milestone, and you may be wondering what is next for your life. Has the thought ever occurred that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU? Unexpected to read this in a graduation tribute, right? Briefly read me out.

What do I mean by “NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU?” It means that some of what you have learned and much of what is already inside of you will be put to the test. You will be tried, pressed, pushed around, manipulated, tricked, and forced to walk through the fire—whether you want to or not.

Skinnin’ and grinnin’, people will tell you what sounds good, but you have to use your knower—as the Late Bishop Harold Dawson Jr. used to say—and really listen to what is being said and what is intended for you to understand._,

Don’t expect a high-five for basic expectations such as punctuality, being appropriately groomed, and doing your expected job. Blow people away by being authentically you: gifted in your own right, willing to learn and apply new skills to grow and forge your own path. Elevate the work culture by influencing the followers from dismay to determined unity.

Look at your hands. What do you see? You should know that you possess a goldmine of opportunities, not asking anyone for permission to be great. Yes: YOU ARE GREAT IN YOUR OWN RIGHT.

Do not be afraid that no one is coming to save you. God already gave you what you need. Take time to STOPP: Study, trust, obey, pray, and praise. These tools will continue to stretch you, mold you, and shape you into who you were always meant to be. So, don’t delay a nanosecond; live your life on your terms, in sync with your Creator, fulfilling purpose as it was always intended. Go Be Great!