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Good Job, Man By Katherine Young


“Encourage one another and build each other up.” I Thessalonians 5:11

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts. It doesn’t matter how many times a person says, “No, you don’t have to recognize me.” Acknowledging an individual—be it man, woman, boy, or girl—shares solidarity and strength with them in encouraging them to keep on doing what they are doing, and that their work is not in vain. This month, I would like to encourage us to acknowledge and thank the men in our lives.

My husband, Troy, shows me time and time again, action speaks volumes. In his own selfless manner, he gives recognition where it’s due and in turn, he deserves recognition. You learn a lot about a person watching them for over eighteen years. Troy is an individual who will go above and beyond because that is his standard for living, and not for someone to applaud him or shine a light on all of the things that he has done. As a father, husband, son, brother, friend, and man, he is truly a man of integrity and I do my best to thank him on a daily basis. Good job, man.

It is in the little things that can make the most impact. Looking into my son’s eyes and telling him that he has greatness in him may be the spark he needs to push through studying for a test. Thanking my brother Oswald Fisher for sacrificing his time to care for our mother gives him strength to keep helping without complaining. I appreciate the smile on my daughter’s face from the exciting Sunday school lessons she has learned from Eldredge Clasberry, and recognizing his gift to uplift young people is acknowledged. Good job, man.

Patting Eric Thomas and Dr. Bell on their backs, encouraging them to keep striving for academic excellence in our young people can help them keep on going another day. Complimenting Dennis Robinson or Mason Todd on a job well done on how shiny the school floors look, can strengthen them to know that someone cares about their position on the team and values their work. Thanking Eddie Collins or Pete Thomas for helping youth earn an honest living by working with them to earn employment, increases their motivation to keep finding new resources for our youth in the community. Expressing thanks to Anthony Rush for encouraging our youth to strive for excellence is key in helping him know that what he is doing is not in vain. Good job, men.

Hearing kind words spoken by my stylist Breona about how her husband Larry Bynum spends time with his family and seeks to nurture his boys to be upstanding men of honor, brings a smile to my face in sharing her gratitude. Learning nuggets of wisdom from Bishop Leroy Davis or Bishop Harold Dawson instills a vision of fortitude to pursue God’s purpose for one’s life. Observing how hard my brothers Jerome Rhymes, Dwight Simmons, Marvin Washington, and Michael Young work to support and care for their families as active fathers and husbands is appreciated and applauded. Roosevelt Crawford, Willie Crane, David Howard, Embra Patterson, Rod Holmes, Adrian Patterson, Derrick Parker, and Andre Leverett are commended for taking extra care to pour positivity into their families and the community as well. Good job, men.

Honoring and loving my fathers: Delbert Rhymes and William Young, for their many years of diligence providing for their family and quietly demonstrating strength as great men. Good job, men. Never underestimate the value in thanking a man.