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Let us give public recognition to and be grateful for mothers. God lent them for a season, when gone there is no other.

 Motherhood is a most arduous responsibility. With each test of suffering or sorrow, God gives strength for the hour. Mothers have no choice but to have unrelenting stamina in bringing children into this world. If ever there was fidelity of duty, it is certainly manifested in Mothers.

I remember my Mother! Each morning, her eyes opened like shining waves in sunlight; they even seemed to dance. Through all exigencies of her life, she could always upload her “SONG” which could not be contained in her heart. While helping neighbors, focusing on church events, and taking care of home, and even working sometimes, all of her nature commanded her to “Sing.”  Mother had different ways of singing. When she had a stillborn, she sang quietly. She brought home new babies, singing sweetly. Sending our brothers off to serve the country, she sang prayerfully. The death of my older sister caused her to travail in prayer moaning but she never lost the “SONG.” Chastising or doing unpleasant business only interrupted that unending SONG because as soon as she finished any task, she sang more. In the meadows of my heart, admiration and beauty lives. She taught us the sacredness of life.

Life with my mother, I enjoyed so much    

Good times, friendship, and her SONG’S touch

We had a special way to communicate, 

If we ran out of words then, we would quietly wait.

Then, a fun song perhaps we would sing, 

Or blessed praises to our great king.  

 I understand, appreciate, and prefer,

The unrelenting path God ordained for her.

Faithfully for me God fills a void, 

With memories to keep my heart overjoyed.

We shared laughs, friendship, a hug and a kiss 

So instead of sorrow, she is Sweetly missed.

As mothers we look forward. However, we don’t know if days will bring joy or sorrow, we are only certain that God is always with us bringing strength for the hour! 2 Cor. 12:7 tells us that God’s grace changes weakness into strength and courage.

At times we cry inwardly while ministering with compassion for another who is grieving. When we cry it keeps our hearts tender as God, in his strength, beauty, and compassion, wipes away our tears. Sometimes tears make us feel weak; then when we least expect, God’s grace changes our tears to peace with wisdom.

Mothers may seem to have iron spines since we carry children from conception to adulthood, then forever in our hearts. Even so, Mothers offer a touch of God’s unfailing beauty and undying commitment to our children. Mary, the mother of Jesus gave the historic example of a mother’s love and devotion when she stood by the cross of Jesus.