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GLOW – Girls Light Our Way – IN THE SPOTLIGHT By BreAnnia Webster


BreAnnia Webster Glow Girls with the owner of the barn and business

BreAnnia Webster Glow Girls with the owner of the barn and business

Girls Light Our Way is an organization founded by my mentor, Mrs. Dawn Harris Jeffries. The mission of the organization is to provide girls with tools for mental, physical, and nutritional wellness, self-efficacy, and financial literacy. Affectionately she calls us “GLOW Girls.” We always do fun things. We have a ton of opportunities that many girls do not. We have yoga classes, nutrition sessions, horseback riding, study skills, and time management sessions. Tutors are provided when needed. We are educated in every session. During our Time Management session, we learned how to plan our days, so we don’t have to rush or stress. In addition, we learn different techniques of yoga to relieve stress. During the Nutrition sessions, we learn about health and healthy ways to eat. We also learn how to take care of our bodies by the kinds of food we eat. Another plus of the program is free tutoring sessions from college professors. During a recent horseback riding session, we learned about the horses, different spots on their bodies, how to clean them, and even got the chance to ride one.

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during a recent horseback riding session.

GLOW Girls get tons of free life lessons and enjoyable experiences. I am so happy to be a part of the program. The senior girls will get the chance to spend a few days in New York with Ms. Dawn. We will see where she used to work and meet her friends. Ms. Dawn puts her heart and soul into our program, and we are thankful for her.

GLOW sessions are held at Manual Academy, Harrison Middle School, and The Juvenile Detention Center. GLOW will be expanding to QUEST Academy at the end of February. Occasionally, GLOW Girls have sessions on weekends and activities after school. The GLOW Girls will be performing at Landmark Theater on the Djembe drums on February 16, 2018, at the premiere of The Black Panther movie. They will also have a Financial Literacy and Leadership program for girls in April. It is free to the public.