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“Geno Smith – A Talent Headed in the Wrong Direction” — The Concept of Sports by Mark Hollis

mark hollis

Mark Hollis

As the 2015 NFL season approaches, the New York Jets are still on the bubble selecting their starting quarterback. Many people are aware of Geno Smith being involved in a locker room incident with Ike Enemkpali, a veteran linebacker on the team, several weeks ago. The two men had an altercation when Smith agreed to attend a charitable event held by Enemkpali and was advanced $600 to cover his expenses.

The day of the event, Smith was a no-show and when contacted about missing it, he stated that he cancelled due his cousin’s bike riding injury. The explanation was accepted by his teammate, but the fee advanced to him was to be reimbursed once they reported to training camp. When Enemkpali asked for the money owed to him at camp, Smith in a flippant fashion put his hand into the face of Enemkpali. His teammate took offense and punched him, breaking his jaw and sidelining him for six to ten weeks. Enemkpali was immediately released from the team and was eventually signed by the Buffalo Bills a short time later.

The incident was discussed around the clock on every sports media program from one end of the country to the other. NFL pundits, as well as former players, stated that regardless if you are the starting quarterback, you don’t aggressively put hands on another player. Locker room justice can result in serious injury.

During team practice, quarterbacks will always wear a red jersey which gives them visibility to the defense and hands off protection. What Smith failed to understand is that a red jersey is only applicable on the field. The problem that Smith has now is his absence from the game.

The New York Jets recently signed veteran quarterback, Matt Flynn, in August and are still giving rep’s to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Also getting some notice is rookie standout QB, Bryce Petty, who is highly touted as a future star. So given Smith’s medical situation, there may be little opportunity this year for him spring back to his starting position.

I personally feel that this humbling experience will not only make him a better quarterback, but a better person as well. Let’s hope that he can turn his attitude around and can contribute to the Jets; they deserve his best.