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From Sunday School Teacher, To Gospel Preacher By Rev. Charity Sephus

Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. – Psalm 27:11

 Living by faith along a plain path, merged into the fullness of joy. Of course, this is only a testimonial brief; as many things ushered me along as I agreed to be placed in the protective custody of the Holy Spirit of Christ. The story of Samuel, the eight-year old King, stopped me in my tracks one day, and I thought about it for hours into days, with a pure thought of “Could this happen to me?” The account of David, who slew the giant with his sling stirred my thinking also. Having been taught Christianity at home, we sang, prayed, and learned about Jesus.  Christian conduct was taught and expected.   Even after baptism, feelings of incompleteness plagued, and within, the question was, “What now?  Should I continue “just singing”? Remaining with me was the hunger and dissatisfaction with hum-drum daily things.        

There was no teacher for preschoolers to third graders. I told my mother I had an urge to do something, and she encouraged me. T he pastor’s wife asked me to direct the choir, and I felt competent to do that so, “yes” was my immediate response. Still, the question plagued me concerning the small children in Sunday school. I took my sister to church, and I taught her and gave her the picture card. Each week as the class grew; the word of God became more alive as I studied. Teaching felt purposeful and exciting.  Preparing children’s weekly stimulated my interest in the bible also.

“Wood-River Baptist Convention” met at Friendship Baptist Church, about 1958, at which time Rev. Sneed preached about “CHRISTIANS ON SUNDAY AND WHATEVER THEY WANT TO BE ALL WEEK LONG.” That afternoon I was scheduled for a reading. The morning message had inspired me so much that my heart opened wide, and instead of a speech, I ended up preaching a sermon. In those days when the spirit of the Lord touched me, all I could do was cry until Mrs. Nance reminded me to say “Yes” as Samuel said to God. (l Samuel 3:7)  

 In the late ‘50s through the early 1960s, hearing Dr. Herbert Armstrong on the radio was uplifting. He was a Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology, who helped to increase understanding by sending me correspondence courses from the ABC College. Relocating to Pasadena, California; the home of “Ambassador Bible College” was something I had only dreamed of until it happened.

 Now, my friends, “Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, because you know your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” The roles of actors change, yet they continue acting. Christians likewise move laterally while genders and commitments remain the same.

Living by faith, allows us to walk God’s “plain path” into his presence wherein lies, “the fullness of joy. (Psalm 16:11) Christianity is my life in this world with my feet going God’s way. It is my hearty plant to bare twelve months of fruit in all kinds of weather, with fidelity to duty as its root and branch. We pray to God and call him by great, marvelous names, but nothing can take the place of simply doing his will.