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From Peoria’s Own Heart By Robin Carter

Ronda Guyton and Bernice Gordon-Young

Often-times there are those who tend to make continuous significant contributions to the lives of others. They serve perhaps without realizing the tremendous impact that their work/service has upon these individuals. They continue to do their work tirelessly and selflessly while promoting their own skills and positive efforts. Some may not even be aware of the works involved in these individual’s profession, but if it stopped, the impact would be noticeable.

Recently, several Peoria women have been discovered and recognized as “Unsung Sheroes” in our community and will be celebrated during a sold-out event on April 15th at the Life Together Center, 3625 N. Sheridan Road. Some of these Sheroes received surprise visits at their workplaces as well as their homes with the presentation. This Event is a partnership between Bernice Gordon-Young, Founder and CEO of “It Takes A Village” of Peoria Inc., and Ronda Guyton, Founder & CEO of “Living To Serve,” Inc. The two of them are definitely positive “icons” and “role models” to the people in the City of Peoria.

Individuals selected for the Unsung Shero Awards are: Tammika Evans Faulkner, Amanda Jacob, Jeanette Mitzelfelt, Karen Farris- Cotton, Cheryl Ellis, Gloria Wilson (AKA Mama G), Angela Henry, Deloris Turner, Jedediah Cantrell, Diane Hines, Gwen Wilson, Patricia Tillman, Cynthia Gilkesson, Florence Gilkesson, and Cynthia Crawley. When it comes to community works, one size may not fit all, for the needs of the people in our community may vary. Yet these “Unsung Sheroes” are all willing to provide and sustain structure and the services needed to enhance the quality of life for the people in our area. As we take notice today, we can see the things that need immediate attention. So when we discover those who are working diligently to meet the needs of others, recognition is appropriate. Their services may range from teaching, mentoring, volunteering, managing, editorials, church functions etc. The needs of people in the Peoria area are met daily by visionary, spirit-driven, hard-working women who do their jobs in the best interest of their community. Each of these “Unsung Sheroes” has different talents, roles and professions which all serve well in our community and they deserve to be recognized for their unwavering commitment, dedication and hard work put into service. When helping others is one’s passion, this makes a world of difference and keeps the community active and operating smoothly.

Last, but not least let’s render a great round of applause to Bernice Gordon-Young and Ronda Guyton for taking the awards presentation from an idea to a whole other level, it’s a brilliant Event.