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Fragrances & Lifestyles by Felicia Hazzard


-The Royal Wedding Scent-

In 2011, was all the excitement about the upcoming April 29th nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I remember all the buzz about who will design the wedding dress, who will be invited and how will her hair be styled.

While the media was focused on those things, there was another industry that was focusing on what perfume Catherine Middleton would wear for her royal wedding. It was reported that Catherine Middleton wore WHITE GARDENIA PETALS Eau de Parfum by Illuminum. The fragrance industry was buzzing with joy to find out this information, but who is Illuminum and who is the perfumer… the world wanted to know?

Illuminum is a British perfume company established in 2011 and created by Michael Boadi. Michael Boadi was formerly a hairstylist who self-taught himself to become a perfumer and delighted the world with what has become the world’s “best known perfume.” Michael Boadi is a young British citizen of African descent who found instant fame with the creation of WHITE GARDENIA PETALS.

Almost immediately after the news broke, the perfume sold out! According to the media it wouldn’t be available until September of 2011.

WHITE GARDENIA PETALS is pure and fragrant as a burst of white flowers. It has a delicate and refined scent that romances with feminism at the peak of perfection. The top note consists of Lilly with the middle notes composed with white flowers of White Gardenia, Muguet and Jasmine while the base note gives a glimpse of stability with Amber Wood.

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