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For Hurting in this World By DECB, SR.

Break a heart in pieces
Then try to put it back again ‘
Try to catch their falling tears
How can this be my friend?

Make that person really sad
Because you think it’s right
Steal that one’s last candle
So they can’t light the night

See a child begging food
As you push your shopping cart
Full to the brim, walk by them
And you have a cold heart

Follow all the wrongs in life
Is this really all you know?
To never go upon your knees
To beg God how to show

Compassion for your fellow ones
To help you truly share 
And give a da*n for misery
Teach you how to care

Then hearts will not be broken
And eyes won’t cry from pain
The children won’t go hungry
And you will not be blamed

From Thoughts Out of My Mind