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Finding Security in Unsecure Opportunities By Mark Lampkin

In listening to the local and national news, one might presume that the “secure” jobs that were once a given in American communities will again be available; A job where you could work a 40-hour week and earn enough income to provide for your family. Maybe even take a vacation…

Those days are now just a chapter of American History.

Today, the reality is that more of us are working multiple jobs; full-time, part-time, anytime….and frighteningly it feels, all the time.

What can one do when faced with such daunting challenges? When the truth is that none of the large-scale employers who moved their manufacturing operations overseas to take advantage of a cheaper labor-market are coming back to your or my town.

With most of the adult population somewhat familiar and hopefully functional with the Internet, the opportunity to create income streams has increased dramatically. What seemed like something you might get around to learning about is now a practical necessity…any and everywhere you plan to work. The computer age is here to stay.

I had to make major adjustments in my business when the recording industry moved from a tape-based to digital format. The cameras that I had purchased, at a large cost, were now obsolete. The video editing decks that used recording tapes also became museum pieces. And to think that today’s cell phones have unbelievable storage capacity and captures high-definition photos and videos. What is the opportunity in that?

I now travel lighter…with equipment that is not as expensive as before, and creates better video content. That is a win for me and my clients.

The ability to capture video on a memory card, insert it into my laptop, edit using my software program that is stored and updated “in the cloud” frees me up like never before to be a mobile journalist. My clients enjoy that freedom and quicker response to their needs. A secured opportunity.

So, for you and yours, take inventory of what you have skills in and what you have an affinity towards. Are you creative? Logical? An effective communicator? Like selling? Strong technical skills?

Whatever you are good at can afford you an opportunity to earn income as a gig-economy independent contractor. The time to begin the process is now. Take inventory of your skills and with no fear…determine what you would like to do if time and money were not obstacles. Most of us have never seriously considered those issues.

Take a decisive step forward…because there truly is another way to live.