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The Warmth of Sankofa by Mae Catherine Godhigh //Mae Catherine Godhigh is a staff writer for the Peoria Traveler Weekly Newspaper. A native of Peoria, Illinois, she is the eldest of six children in a black working-class family. As a child, she displayed an early interest in literature. She made her debut as a Christian author in 2010 with her first book, Back Porch Watermelon. In 2012, she published her second book, Articles of a Church Predator. APC continues to open doors to numerous speaking engagements and conferences. Two of her books are listed on the International market. After the publication of her third book, Uncle Peaches & Nem’ Poetry Café’ Au lait Volume 1, she soon gained the attention of both critics and a wider audience for her unerring ear for dialogue, and her poetically charged and richly expressive depictions of Black America. For additional information and purchase of her books, please visit Mae Catherine Godhigh at amazon.com