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Business Spotlight By Jannise Bush// Virtual Administrative Services–Marketing–Sales Support for Small Business

Chronicles of the Bynum Bond by Larry and Breona Bynum //Larry & Breona Bynum’s mission for the “Chronicles of the Bynum Bond” is to share marital nuggets of wisdom that they have learned through prayer/fasting, their Pastor Leroy Davis, and their marriage mentors. They encourage others to seek God for their unique roadmap for a God-designed marriage as it was always intended to be. If you want to contact the Bynum’s, email them at


Commentary by Sherry Cannon //Sherry Cannon is a freelance writer for the Traveler Newspaper and was the Events & Community Outreach person for Thrive Capital Partners, Inc. an entrepreneurial business innovator that was headquartered on the south side of Peoria. In 2005, she founded Hope Renewed Youth Conference, which became a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity in 2012. It’s mission is to equip, encourage, and empower young people to make the very best choices, as they navigate through challenging life circumstances.

Robin Carter - Bird's Nest

The Bird’s Nest by Robin Carter //Robin Carter began writing for the Weekly Traveler in March 2012. She is a single mother of three adult daughters, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Robin is a graduate of Midstate Jr. College where her curriculum was Secretarial Skills and Communication. She later returned to Illinois Central and received a certificate in nursing assistance. She is currently employed at Unity Point Methodist Spine and Pain Center as a Medical Office Assistant. She has worked for Methodist for 30 years. Robin states, “I am a faithful and proud member of the Church of The Living God, Temple #130 where I serve as a choir member, a praise team member and choir secretary. My future plans are to pursue ministry in becoming a local missionary. I enjoy reading, writing, travel and sewing in my leisure time.”

D. Rena' Chaney

Thoughts and Stories by D. Rena’ Chaney //D. Rena’ Chaney is a freelance writer whose passion for writing extends over 30 years. She was a “ghost writer” for the underground community publication called “You Heard It Underground” in Chicago, IL from 1990-1993. She was also a (DJ) Radio Personality for the former B-92 Radio Station in Peoria, IL being the second woman (DJ) on the radio hosting her own show for a year. Ms. Chaney is a mentor to young girls and volunteers her time at schools, social service agencies, and for her neighborhood association. She is currently writing her biography.

Cleo Dailey, III (Modern-day Lazurus)

Cleo Dailey, III (Modern-day Lazurus) //Cleo Dailey, III is a freelance writer and aspiring author who has written for several city and nation-wide publications. He is currently studying to obtain a degree in both English and Clinical Psychology, and the Minister of Music for New Life Christian Church in Peoria, IL.

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The Warmth of Sankofa by Mae Catherine Godhigh //Mae Catherine Godhigh is a staff writer for the Peoria Traveler Weekly Newspaper. A native of Peoria, Illinois, she is the eldest of six children in a black working-class family. As a child, she displayed an early interest in literature. She made her debut as a Christian author in 2010 with her first book, Back Porch Watermelon. In 2012, she published her second book, Articles of a Church Predator. APC continues to open doors to numerous speaking engagements and conferences. Two of her books are listed on the International market. After the publication of her third book, Uncle Peaches & Nem’ Poetry Café’ Au lait Volume 1, she soon gained the attention of both critics and a wider audience for her unerring ear for dialogue, and her poetically charged and richly expressive depictions of Black America. For additional information and purchase of her books, please visit Mae Catherine Godhigh at


//L. A. Hollis is a published author. She is a columnist and feature writer for the Traveler. She also writes as Linda Allen Bryant. Linda Allen Bryant has spent over twenty years carefully researching her family’s genealogy and its implications. As a result, she has become an expert in early American history and race relations, including the numerous laws, codes, amendments, and critical players of 200 years of the nation’s history. As one of the official chroniclers of the Ford family heritage, Bryant has appeared on numerous news programs, such as the Today Show, the CBS Morning Show, PBS Frontline, The History Channel, and MSNBC. Linda Allen Bryant’s research is ongoing. Her work focuses on preserving the collective heritage of the family patriarch, West Ford, and his descendants.

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The Concept of Sports by Mark Hollis //Mark Hollis is a CEO/ owner of a sports company in California. He has a BA in Physical Education and a MA in Education from San Francisco State University. He has sixteen years experience as an Educator and eight years as an Athletic Director. Mr. Hollis has been a CIF winning coach in California, and is also actively involved in community based athletics such as the Special Olympics.


Fashion Forward by Meicka “J.” by Emeicka Johnson //Emeicka “Meicka” Johnson, is a business owner, entrepreneur, and image consultant. Meicka is the owner of Explicit Boutique, an online boutique that specializes in exotic accessories and brand name cosmetics for less based out of Peoria, Illinois. Meicka’s keen eye for fashion is implemented in her writing this column for Traveler Weekly.

Big Mike’s Table by Mike Lyons //Mike Lyons was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and now resides in San Francisco, California. In 1970, he moved to the Bay Area to attend San Francisco State University. He immediately fell in love with the ocean and the area’s diversity. Living in an environment where people from many different nations and ethnicities share their cuisine, Mike became enamored with cooking dishes from the variety of cultures that makeup the San Francisco’s culinary scene.

Are you a Practical Bride? by Michelle D. Sanders

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Living By Faith by Evangelist Charity E. Sephus //Mrs. Charity E. Sephus, is the wife of Mr. Harry Sephus, mother of six, and grandmother of 11. She studied at The Ambassador Bible college and is the founder of Christian Ambassadors International. She was ordained in 1965. Licensed by the “Church of God In Christ International”, and “The Pentecostals of the World.” Currently she serves as a CO for President Obama’s PVSA program, a member of the Presidential Prayer Team and Ambassador Sephus is a gospel singer with a current release entitled “The Reason I Sing.” Please enjoy “Living By Faith.”

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Elijah T. Sansom// Webmaster

Elijah designed the new Traveler Weekly web site in February 2015 as a long-held dream to help move the Traveler forward as an on-line newspaper. He is a divorced father of two adult daughters, one adult son, nine grandchildren and 2+1 great-grandchildren all living in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. Elijah is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Aeronautical Engineering. In the 80’s, he returned to school and accumulated masters level credit hours in Engineering Control Systems Theory at Bradley University. He was employed at the Caterpillar Mossville Research Center as an Engine Research Engineer and retired in 2009 after a total of 38 years in engineering. He keeps busy finding opportunities to apply his engineering.  contact :