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‘FASHION FORWARD’ Is Shopping at Target Bougie? By Meicka “J”

Target, nicknamed “Tarjay” at times to sound more upscale, appears to be a step above competitive stores and rumored to be more expensive than competitors. Many Target consumers don’t seem to mind the slightly higher prices as it’s considered an even trade-off from long lines and lack of available cashiers that other stores may possess.

Target gets the nickname “bougie” from the urban community due to higher prices and upscale reputation. “Tarjay” with a French accent makes it seem more upscale. There are people who actually believe that shopping for clothing there is better than other competitive stores. I am in favor of shopping there because lines are shorter and they are open until 11 pm.

Target is popular among the black middle class who are in favor of quality products, quick service, and one-stop shopping. How convenient it is to shop in a place for household items, clothing, groceries, and wine. If shopping there makes me “bougie” then so be it!