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FASHION FORWARD By Meicka “J” – What’s Trending for Spring 2016?

Fashion Forecast

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2We are moments away from spring. The season welcomes bold prints, floral, and nautical stripes. Spring is also known as the “rainy season” but who says you can’t be fashion forward in rainy weather? Rain boots will continue to be a fashion DO. Of course, you will want to be cute while the weather is rainy. Invest in a nice umbrella which will be a cute way to accessorize with your attire. Check out your local department stores for a stylish umbrella. Target has umbrellas as low as $14.99.

Shoe Game

Now is a great time to review your sandal inventory to determine what stays and what goes. Those discount flip-flops you purchased last summer are probably ready to be tossed now. It’s still a pointy toe shoe season. Pointy toe shoes can be paired up with anything from denim to pencil skirt. It’s best to wear a half-size up to allow your toes to have space to move, which prevents feet from hurting. The low heel trend is back. This is good news for those who can’t or don’t like stilettos. Gladiator sandals are still in demand. The lace up sandal continues to take the fashion world by storm. These sandals look great with linen, shorts, and skirts.

Sock it to me

Shoes tend to be the statement piece. However now it’s time to allow your socks to make a statement. Ankle socks with the ruffles from the 80’s have made a comeback. Ruffle socks with heels are totally acceptable. These ankle socks were worn by models in videos. They were paired with unlikely matches such as high heels and sneakers. Lacy ankle socks were the most popular, paired with heels in the 80’s. Socks can be purchased at local department stores and prices may vary from 3.00 to $20.00.

Bag Lady

Bright bold handbags will make their debut this spring; cherry red, cobalt blue, hot pink, and vibrant yellow are just a few. Having a vibrant colored bag is a sure way to spice up your wardrobe. This trend is acceptable from tote bags to small waist bags. Kate Spade handbags are trending right now with an assortment of tote bags to small cross-body bags. Buddy bags are also trending right now but for more daring individuals. Would you carry a bag or wristlet shaped like a burger, pizza, microwave, or even a phone? Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade have a selection of clutches and handbags shaped as microwaves, burgers, ladybugs, etc. Bags with fringes and cross-body bags are some of the most sought after bags. Walmart has cross-body fringe bags for $16.88.

Makeup and Accessories

Finding accessories and makeup to accent your look is very crucial. Scarves can accent any look, any season. Anything polka-dot, floral, leopard, and plaid print are a must. Have you ever mixed leopard with floral print? I know it seems pretty daring but it really compliments. As the weather changes, colors get bolder and brighter. The spring will welcome fuchsia, mauve, orange, pink, and purple shades. Milani and NYX have an affordable brand of cosmetics that are budget friendly. These products are highly pigmented to give a long-lasting effect. These products can be purchased at CVS, Kroger, and Walgreens. If you desire a mid-level brand there’s always good old MAC and NARS cosmetics. Lip shades such as Girl About Town, Japanese Maple, Morange, Ruby Woo, Saint Germain, and Violetta are most sought after shades for spring. Now is a great time to stock up on all white accessories. Most stores have started to receive spring wear in their weekly shipments already.