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Fashion Forward by Meicka “J.” — Sip & Shop Soiree at the Spring Hill Suites

Fashion Forward by Meicka “J.”

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2On October 17, 2015 I hosted a Sip & Shop Soiree at the Spring Hill Suites in Peoria. The event featured 27 local vendors from food to clothing. The purpose of the event was to network and introduce black owned business owners to the public. The event offered appetizers and sweet sips as consumers shopped. The event was open to the public and free admission. I am looking to host another event in the Summer 2016. Stay tuned for more details.

The Price is Right

Fall sip and shop 1 colorHave you ever wanted to purchase something but the price was too expensive? I did some research and was able to locate a few replicas to provide you with shopping leads. For instance, if Steve Madden has a boot or shoe that you may desire…just be patient, Target stores will produce a nice replica. Charlotte Russe and JC Penney will also produce a nice look-a-like of most high-end brands. The objective is to save as much money as possible to get more “bang” for your buck! Have you shopped at your local thrift store or resell shop? Clothes-Mentor and Plato’s Closet have increased in popularity as far as finding great deals on select items. Both stores are located in Westlake Shopping Center.

Bling is Back

Fall Sipand shop 2Oversized jewelry with minimum detail has made a comeback which includes brooches and earrings. (The bigger, the better.) Anything bold and with bling is awesome. This season baseball style hats with bling on them are very trendy. Baseball style hats with designer inspired logo’s such as Chanel are also very trendy and can be purchased from Explicit Boutique, an online boutique based out of Peoria, Illinois. How did the brooch make a comeback? Fashion inspired by our grandmothers has become a trend. The brooch adds a little personality to your sweater or jacket. With the influx of wearing capes having a brooch is a must to compliment your look. Brooches are typically inexpensive and can be purchased for as low as $5 to $25 in most cases and can be purchased at most stores, but you may discover a rare find at a thrift or resell shop.


Fall sip and shop 5 colorThe loafer is a classic shoe that will never go out of the style. These shoes are perfect for a classic look paired with a white button down, jeans, and a blazer. If you opt for a more “dressier” look choose a pointy toe loafer! Remember the pointier the dressier…If you want an “edgier” look try pairing your loafers with distressed denim and a leather jacket. Loafers are not just reserved for the preppy look, they can be paired with just about anything. Loafers are typically inexpensive and can be purchased in most stores. Opt for a bright color to give your look an extra”umph” Happy Shopping!

Plaid & Simple

Plaid will always be a staple piece for fall fashion. Red plaid is the most popular choice for most consumers. From Coats, scarves, shoes, accessories, and clothing, you can dress plaid up or just opt to be casual. There is no rule that says you cannot mix plaid with other prints. Plaid is one of the most popular patterns in fashion. If you are a daring person try mixing plaid with polka dots. Believe it or not, it actually looks pretty cool.