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On March 29th, French designer Christian Louboutin introduced a nude collection of women’s red bottom flats. The colors vary from shades of porcelain to deep chocolate. This line introduces 7 skin tone shades and comes with a hefty price starting at $595.00 a pop. Shoe lovers are applauding Louboutin for recognizing diversity. The must have ballet style is called “Solasofia”. The flats are dainty with a bow made with leather and a new matte nappa material that is textured like skin. These flats are marketed to make your legs appear longer. These shoes can be purchased in high-end department stores or


Beyonce introduced a new line of clothing for women called “IVY PARK”. Inspired to get your “sweat on” this line of clothing includes legging, logo T-shirts, shorts, sports bras and more. Prices range from as low as $20.00 to over $150.00. Sizes vary from 0-18 XXS-XXL. This clothing line launched on April 14th at Nordstrom stores and Clothing was reportedly sold out within hours. IVY PARK is a fashion label that Beyonce created and co-owns with owner of Top-Shop Sir Phillip Green.


If you were able to get your hands on this…consider yourself lucky or being in the right place at the right time. Retails at $49.00, 18 shades of fresh picked shades infused with the juicy peach scent. You are able to create endless looks with corals, peach, pinks, bronzes, and purple that will have you looking fabulous all spring and summer long. Good luck on your search for this beauty at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and for this limited edition and unfortunately limited quantities.


Eyebrows groomed to perfection are important. What does Fleek mean? It means on point, good, great, awesome, nice. It’s just a trendy term to compliment something. A well-groomed brow begins with a nice clean finish with no stray hairs visible. Eyebrows that are drawn, threaded, tweezed, shaved, and waxed can achieve a groomed to perfection look.

Determining how thick you would like your brows depends on your face shape. Finding where your brow ends and begins is important because you want your brows to frame your face. The thickness of brows is a personal preference but please keep in mind that if you have big beautiful eyes, thicker brows can balance them out. If you are not sure where to begin as far as thickness here’s a great tip I’ve learned – your eyebrows should be about the same thickness as your upper lip.

As you look at pics of models in magazines think about it…hmmmmm. In order to get a nice arch in your brows keep in mind most brows naturally arch around the eye. A small instrument can be used to determine where your arch will be. Looking in the mirror with a pencil lined up against the outer edge of your nostril and outer edge of iris (eye), at the place the pencil crosses your brow is where your arch should peak. Check out YouTube videos for more details or just get them professionally done. If you choose to fill in your own brows use a shade lighter (using soft strokes) than your natural brow color in order to blend in to appear natural.