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Fashion Forward By Meicka “J” – Makeup… is less really more?

Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist “Meicka J.” Shares the Latest Trends with You

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2Cosmetic Connoisseurs are pushing for the minimum look this season. The “bare” face or more commonly known as the “fresh” face look is the latest trend. The fresh face is a swing of the style pendulum away from the camera-ready fully made up look.

The “bare” face is a makeup trend that requires no makeup at all. This trend has many of us wondering “How do we pull this look off”? You must take great care of your skin as good skin care is the key to great looking skin. You must cleanse, exfoliate, repair, hydrate, and protect your skin. The goal is to allow your natural beauty to show!

Discovering your undertone can be tricky for many. Tip: Take a look in your jewelry box. If you look best in gold, you most likely have warm undertones. For warm undertones, it’s best to try neutral, coral and soft pink shades. If you prefer silver, it’s best to select cool tones such as berry, bright pinks, and reds. Add a “pop” of color to those cheeks. Pick a color that’s close to your natural flush. My favorites are “Angelika” by NARS and Raizin by MAC Cosmetics.


Be easy on the eyes. Opt for neutral colors. It’s best to buy an eye palette to give yourself a chance to play around in colors. Invest in an eye primer before eyeshadow application. Any brand of eye primer will work. Tip: Elf brand eye primer is usually available for around 3-4 dollars at your local drug store.

All About those Lips

Choose a neutral shade or a pale pink to accent the “bare” face look. My favorites are a neutral shade by MAC Cosmetics called “Siss” and “Fresh Brew”. My favorite pink shades are “Pink Nouveau” by MAC Cosmetics and “Puce Pink” by J. Cat Beauty. The No Makeup trend is now a beauty standard also known as the “flawless” look as if you woke up like this!

What to wear to work because “flip flops” are not what’s up!

Flip flops are usually frowned upon in the work place. I am not a fan of flip-flops in the work place and I will provide the reasons why below.

  1. Safety hazard…think of dropping a file on your toes (ouch)
  2. Wearing flip-flops can be high maintenance, meaning each toe should be polished and chip free at all times.
  3. The sound of them can be quite annoying. It is the sound that is the complete opposite of the sound of heels clicking.
  4. They are not comfortable and they are actually bad for your feet long-term.
  5. They can be unsanitary, because they are physically lifting dirt from the ground to the back of your legs…and they stink too! (Check the back of your calves for dirt, when you take them off).

I think it’s best to leave the flip-flops at home and avoid the workplace if possible! Invest in a pair of nice flats and if you are looking for comfort, Keds brand has nice flats with cushioned soles. If you want a stylish pair of flats without cushioned soles at an affordable price, I would recommend Payless or Target for an affordable pair. Flats come in all colors and styles and pretty much will complement anything you wear. If you are not a fan of “flats” I would recommend a “slip on” loafer, something to keep your feet covered and provide support to maintain a professional look!