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Fashion Forward By Meicka “J”

The Truth About Leggings

When leggings are patterned, it makes you wonder if you can “pull it off”. It makes you think”Am I fashion forward” or “does my bottom look like the size of Peoria”? When your leggings suddenly become transparent, and you swear they were not like that a week ago. It’s always best to check underneath at least 2 different lights before leaving the house. The sweat marks underneath your bottom that are very noticeable…..ummmmm yes we see it…. FYI cotton leggings are notorious for bottom sweat visibility. I regret to inform you that if leggings are not high waist, you will most likely have a “muffin top” too. When cellulite is obvious….ummmm if I wanted to deal with that…I could of just worn tights! It’s time to part ways with your black leggings when they begin to look gray, and when a small hole appears inner thigh. Let’s be honest, when leggings stretch out of shape, it’s time to go!

Green with Envy”

Military inspired fashion is reporting at full speed this season. You don’t have to be dressed in camo head to toe. Fashionista’s are taking a minimum approach. This basically means your uniform should be the same ARMY green, and neutral color palette, minus the patterns. I think studded accessories make the perfect combination.

Carwash Skirt”

This skirt is named because of the fluttery panels that are actually flattering. Imagine your pencil skirt with slits up all over that shows a little leg while walking. This isn’t something designed to expose everything, the panels overlap to ensure full coverage. If you continue to worry about visibility underneath, wear a coordinating slip or leggings underneath. These skirts come in various lengths, including maxi length.

How to select the perfect sunglasses”

If you have ever thought about ordering sunglasses online it can be a tricky selection, because what may look good on the model may not look as good in person. I am here to help you make the best choices.

If you have an oval face: You are in luck…Most lens shapes are flattering…so experiment with all of the classy and trendy picks.

If you have a round face: Similar to “oval”, Rectangular and square frames are going to be the most flattering.

If you have a heart shaped face: The shade shapes to most likely work with your face would be aviators and rim style sunglasses.

If you have an oblong face: Oversized styles will be the most flattering…think Kim Kardashian!

If you have a square face: Cat-eye and Rounded styles will be the most flattering.

It’s important to determine what your face shape is to find the best look. If you are not quite sure what your face shape is, take a picture of yourself facing the camera head-on with your hair pulled back. On the photo, you can trace your face with lipstick. After you have figured out your face shape check out the specific suggestions I suggested.

To shorten a face: It is suggested to pick shades with deep narrow frames with legs that connect closer to the middle of the body.

To widen a face: Explore styles with embellished temples, anything decorative.

To lengthen a face: Try rim-less or wide styles to help elongate styles with a high nose bridge.

To minimize a “big” forehead: Look for styles where the legs connect at the middle or bottom of the frame instead of the top corner.

To flatter a larger nose: It’s best to shop for over sized styles with a low bridge, that will create more focus on your glasses than your nose.

Meicka “J” is an Image Consultant and the owner of Explicit Boutique which specializes in exotic accessories and brand name cosmetics for less. “Like” Explicit Boutique on Facebook and/or visit