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Fashion Forward by Meicka “J.”

What’s trendy for spring?

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2What’s trendy for spring? As the weather warms up gradually, so does the fashion. Decide to clean out the closet to make room for something new. Once you have detoxed your closet you may have fewer clothes, but that only means you have room for new clothes. Here is a suggested list for the fashion forward individual, of items to have in your closet.

Linen Pants: Perfect for the office and to the ocean. There is no need to bring out the iron! The loose look is part of the charm. The material is so thin and breathable. I love how linen is so unique that it will keep you warm in a cool air conditioned room and will also keep you cool in warm weather. Most linen pants are made to fit loose. They are better paired with a fitting jacket or top to prevent a frumpy look. These pants looked great paired with a fedora hat, or scarf.

The Foot bed Sandal: Comfort rules with this shoe that initiated it all. Also known as the “ugly” sandals. This sandal has thick soles and wide straps and they are casual. There is no reason to make them into something they are not… Wear them with capri’s, jeans, and shorts. No… not wear them with a “party” dress! If you like how they feel and look, wear them without a care in the world and disregard what others may say and think!

The Jumpsuit: What a fine piece to add to your wardrobe. This piece gives you personality and can be worn many ways. A denim jumpsuit is one of the trendiest items of the season. This piece is so versatile it can be dressed up or down. The jumpsuit comes in short sleeve, cap sleeve, with straps, sleeveless and halter style. The jumpsuit compliments all shapes and sizes. It can be purchased at affordable prices at Target and JC Penney. Check in to the Mossimo brand at Target and ANA brand at JC Penney.

The “Crisp” White Blouse: Do you own something crisp and white? This is a staple piece to have in your wardrobe. A white button down shirt is clean, crisp, and classic and is one of the most fashion forward pieces in our closet. It is a style staple that knows no bounds and transcends all. It is the most worn, most valued, and most trendy item that just about everyone owns. Wear one borrowed from the boys, buttoned up, tucked into a pencil skirt for minimum chic styles. You can always take the Boho approach and wear over cropped pants or leggings as a tunic. Whichever way you choose makes this style easy with this simple piece.

A World of Pearls”: Pearls are often related to vintage style and elegant beauty. You see them everywhere. No matter how avant garde, pearls are timeless basic jewelry that always makes a fashion statement! One of today’s hottest accessory styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls. Layer pearls by mixing together different sizes and lengths. Multi-pearls can be worn for day and night outfits. Who says your pearls have to be white? Pearls can be black, pink, red, etc… As for earrings – a nice pearl stud makes a perfect fashion choice. The chandelier style earrings are best saved for evenings.

Meicka “J” is an Image Consultant and the owner of Explicit Boutique which specializes in exotic accessories and brand name cosmetics for less. “Like” Explicit Boutique on Facebook and/or visit