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lavender-oilThe spring season is moving toward cooler & softer sides of the color spectrum — An eclectic color mix of bold color, along with pastel and neutral take center stage as many designers fondly reminisce of simpler times. Memories of retro delights, folkloric and floral art and tropical landscapes restore a sense of well being as we face warmer months.

Best Nail Colors for Spring

Who would have thought that something so small could be so powerful? Just like fashion, nail polish colors change every season too. Any brand will do. I am a fan of OPI. Browse the shelves of your local drugstore to find the perfect color.

bright mustard yellow shoeBright Mustard Yellow Yellow was huge on the fashion runway. The color was accepted by most and took off rapidly. However, yellow can be harsh if not paired correctly.

bluesThe Blues You cannot go wrong with any shade of blue. Blue is very tempting if you are looking for something that screams “Hello Spring” opt for a lighter shade like powder blue. If you dare to be different, opt for a metallic blue.


lavender hatLavender Light colors such as pastels are typically worn in the spring. It’s also a common color seen in flowers that bloom in the springtime. 


coral-dressCoral is a color that automatically “pops” in mind when you think of spring. It’s fun, bold, and bright. It’s a warm color that reminds you that it is spring time!


Fashion Alert ***

This season lace up heels have made a huge impact in today’s fashion. Pair them with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, blazer, or leather or faux leather jacket to make a BOLD statement!!!

In the Trenches The trench coat is definitely a classic. Burberry built an empire from it often worn by Jackie O. and seen on today’s celebrities. This rainy day trend is fit for any weather. It does a great job protecting you from the elements. It’s traditionally double breasted, with a belted waist. It doesn’t mean it can’t be worn as single breasted, belted and or short sleeved…It’s up to you! The trench has no limits and is affordable. Check your local Target or New York and Company.

Rainy Days Be prepared for the start of Spring with plenty of rainy days. Invest in footwear built to battle the wet season. Tuck those leggings and skinny jeans inside of rain boots. Skinny alternatives would be ideal for loose upper parts of the rain boots, and the more relaxed variants may be nicely accentuated in terms of hiding bulk. Opting for bright colors and prints are a DO!