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Fall: Keep Pushing By Latasha Schraeder

At this point in the year, only thirty days remain in the first half of the school year. Time has passed so quickly! While it is likely some academic growth has occurred. There is still much work to do! Continue to encourage your children to make their best efforts. Revisit the goals set in the fall, and be sure to celebrate each accomplishment no matter how small.

Remember, communication between home and school must remain open. Communicating with your children’s teachers reminds them of your vested interest and that you are a part of the educational team. In fact, you have the potential to be the driving force propelling your student to greater academic and social growth.

This time of year, as the weather cools, is a good time to begin to think about how to occupy your children’s time spent indoors. Spending too much time with technology such as television, I Pads, and video games is very tempting. No, I am not advocating for you to eliminate time spent with technology. However, I am suggesting filling some after school time strengthening your children’s basic math, reading comprehension, and reading fluency skills.

Insist on your children reading for 15 to 20 minutes each night. Much reading material is available online, but I still love a good book! Students can borrow books from the school or public library at no cost. Take advantage of these free resources. I like to think my love of literacy started as an elementary student. A love of literacy and the written word continues to serve me well. Expose your children to text as often as possible. This time investment in reading will prove to be immeasurable.