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Fall 2017 Trends By Meicka “J”

With the fall season approaching it has the majority of us excited for the latest trends. Dusting the riding boots off and finding favorite hoodies and sweaters is something to look forward to. While reviewing fashion magazines and browsing online, I came across the next trend of wearing hoodie dresses. Some may refer to these dresses as “tunic” tops. These dresses are long enough to cover your bottom but short enough to be worn as a shirt. These tops are best paired with leggings and come in a variety of styles such as loose and close-fitting. These tops can be found in just about any store.

Embroidery denim seems to be in demand. The added touch of detail really adds a little “umph”. I think prints are pretty cool. Haven’t you seen these jeans everywhere? The best thing about it is you can find these jeans just about anywhere. I saw some cute ones at JCPenney for around $30. These jeans come in all styles from bootcut to boyfriend fit. You just have to decide what style interests you.