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Everyday Focus on Water Quality, Local Infrastructure by Roger Goodson Senior Manager Field Operations and Production Illinois American Water, Peoria District

 In 2017, you may have read or heard news stories about communities across the country facing challenges with their drinking water. Quality issues, failing and aged infrastructure were among the headlines. That is not the case here, where Illinois American Water is your water company and steward of the local water system.

Local tap water provided by Illinois American Water continues to meet all quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is monitored around-the-clock, every day. A team of experts tests drinking water at every stage of the treatment and delivery process.

Nationally, American Water performs 21 times better than the water industry average when it comes to meeting EPA drinking water requirements.

The quality of the local water pipes, pumps, tanks and facilities plays a key role in water quality. Ongoing investments in local infrastructure are needed to ensure reliable service and quality water as well as the ability to meet more stringent regulatory requirements. Nationally, the U.S. EPA estimates that approximately $384 million in improvements is needed by 2030 for community water systems to provide safe drinking water to 297 million Americans. More than $300 billion is needed for upgrades to wastewater systems nationally.

Illinois American Water is not part of the national problem. We invest approximately $70 to $100 million annually to replace, upgrade and expand critical infrastructure vital to public health, fire protection and the economy. At Illinois American Water, we are focused on the quality of your local drinking water, every hour of every day. It’s what we do. It’s our passion and our employees take great pride in delivering the best product possible to their friends and neighbors in the communities we serve.