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Enjoy: Appreciate the Journey By Latasha Schraeder

What a year it has been! As summer break begins, take the time to reflect on your children’s accomplishments. They have just gained one hundred eighty days’ worth of new knowledge. That is amazing! Isn’t that mind blowing? Recall the excitement and anticipation of the first day of school last fall. Hasn’t time flown? Ask your student about their favorite experiences from this academic year. Have you had the opportunity to have positive experiences at school? Looking forward, how will you partner with the school to ensure your students’ future academic success?

While academic growth is important, do not worry about too much growth too fast. This is an academic journey. It is not a race. It is key to be consistent and for your student to experience incremental academic growth. The most important thing is that students are retaining the information already learned while at the same time limiting regression that inevitably occurs during the summer break. Find interesting ways to stimulate your child’s intellect. Visit museums, watch age appropriate documentaries, talk about current topics in the news. You do not have to spend any money. All these resources are free!

I’m a parent as well. I know you want to provide some fun activities for your children as you make new summer memories. Please, find a balance. All work and no play are not an option! As we near a summer season filled with sun, fun, and opportunity I wish you and your family at least a few very lazy days this season.

Be your child’s fiercest advocate.