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Drag Racing is a Family Affair By Lulu Anderson

Ike Davis, a retiree of the East Peoria Caterpillar Plant, has worked as a machinist for forty-three years.

He is an avid race car driver with a deep passion for automobiles. To further his zeal for the sport, Davis has attended the US Nationals, the world’s largest race track located in Indianapolis, Indiana. During one of his many visits, he was introduced to the Jr. Dragsters Program. The junior dragster is a scaled-down version of the top fuel dragster, and reaches speeds of up to 85 mph. The junior program is for kids 5-17 years of age and they compete in a controlled racing environment at many of the National Hotrod Association’s (NHRA) 130 member tracks across the United States and Canada. The younger competitors are restricted to slower times and speeds.

Ike Davis 1s

Ike Davis with one of his championship trophies

Ike Davis 2s

Ike Davis with grandchildren Jacob and Alonzo

Ike Dais 3s

When Davis realized that his nine-year old son, Jason, was also drawn to racing, he was determined to get him involved. He had learned that one of his friends, Ed Young, had actually purchased a dragster for his son. As a master machinist, Davis felt that he could build his own dragster. He reached out to another friend, Kenny Mills of Havana, Illinois, to help him with the task. Mills owned a machine called a “jig” which sizes or fits the kids to their race car as they grow. When building these racers, the technical specifications must meet the stringent requirements of the NHRA. With the help of his friend, Davis built and designed his son’s dragster and they named it, “P TOWN-HUSTLER”. The father and son duo that began their journey in 1994 have raced all over the United States and have become a winning team.

The Davis’ have built three dragsters that have competed on the track. They are now working on dragster number four (P-TOWN HUSTLER 4) with Jimmy Sloan, of Sloan’s Transmission in Havana, Illinois. Sloan is also one of the sponsor’s of the Davis family along with Chuck’s Towing and Recovery and Born Paint.

Ike Davis says he has plans to build junior dragsters for others who may want to participate in the program. Davis states, “Drag racing is a family affair and can help to make a better future for kids. It will build a stronger bond between families, which is most needed in our society today. If we, as parents, would pull together we can build a more positive and safer place for our future generations to strive. Let’s keep our children street safe…drug free…focused.”

The Davis’ home track is located at 12016 N. County Road, Havana, Illinois 62644. If you would like more information, please contact Ike Davis at (309) 922-4225 or Lula Anderson/Lulu’s Tamales at (309) 231-7104.