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Dr. King, I See You By Lorraine B. Carter

xxxLorraine Carter, local American Artist

Lorraine B. Carter, an American Artist with her painting titled: From a Vision to Reality, The Red Book

Dr. King, your spirit lives among us. I see it in many ways. Every time an African-American graduates from high school, enrolls in college and eventually graduates from a university with a degree, I see you.

I see you, Dr. King, when I see young African-American doctors, lawyers, scientists and successful businessmen and women. Dr. King, I see you when I see white and black children playing together on the school grounds of America. When I see black men and women in our American cities as mayors, leaders in business as CEO’s of Fortune 500 Corporations, I see you. I see you as young black astronauts ascend to the skies in rockets and space shuttles arriving at space stations occupied with inhabitants from other nations and representatives from other races.

Sir, I see your dream coming true in the flesh as I look upon a black man taking the oath of office to the Presidency of these United States of America. Yes sir! You live in the mind of America, a changing entity made of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American, all of us moving toward one aim — an aim which acknowledges that this Nation belongs to each of us and we live to make it equal for all people; in education, employment, medical care, and justice. We continue to move toward a justice system which doesn’t see the race or ethnicity of a person, but focuses on righteousness, truth, with compassion and dignity.

Dr. King, our Nation has embraced your ‘Dream’ and I observe it as I see white and black marry and their beautiful children accepted in our society as equals in every way. I see the ‘Dream’ when passersby no longer stare at interracial couples as they walk together hand in hand. I know you live among us when I see African-American women as television correspondents, talk show hosts, leading ladies in movies, winning awards such as the Academy Award for best Actress, or receiving the Tony for Best Actress in a Broadway Show. There has been enormous gain and changes in America since your historical walk to Birmingham, since you were spat on, punched, abused, and jailed.

I want to say thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for my enlightenment in the visualization of your spirit, including the encouragement to know that one day we will acknowledge that we are not African-Americans, Black Americans, Italian Americans, German Americans, Chinese Americans, Mexican Americans or any ethnic American, but we are all Americans. We are —Nationality, AMERICAN!

I will continue to be a worker in the pursuit of the ‘Dream’ that you instilled into the minds of forward thinking Americans who want to see America be the very best it can be. Thank you for your service to America and indeed the world.

– From A Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King by Lorraine B. Carter 2010