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Dr. George Washington Carver Center By Pete Thomas

The building is crying. Let’s help in the fight to keep our sons and daughters from dying.  I have a vision, we must have the vision.

Thoughts, Words, and Actions:

Carver Center growing up as a child was the Black Community Civic Center.  It was a place that helped produce many of Peoria’s most brilliant Black Leaders.  Its building rests in the neighborhoods that were enclosed inside of the square blocks of Munson, Jefferson, MacArthur and Seventh Street.

 It was a place that had the most successful Seniors Citizens Program in existence. There were morning basketball leagues. Carver had housed out of it one of the best Gifted Daycare programs that helped to produce great developing minds and thinkers, and the first place that I have ever known to have Computergarden.

Culturally, Carver gave to our Black community the best of the best in Fine Arts. There was modern dance, choir, drama, piano lessons, and arts and crafts etc.

Recreationally, there was baseball, softball, volleyball, boxing, tumbling, cheerleading, pool, basketball, weightlifting etc.

Carver Center had the most successful after school program Peoria had ever seen; an after school program that taught and helped to enforce social skills. Its leadership taught the children and young adults well.

The summer camp provided an opportunity for travel and structured leadership which allowed boys and girls the chance to engage in top of the line fun-filled sports and recreational activities.

Our Ancestors are asking, have you not learned from the past? They led, and you turned away. Our children and families need you now more than ever in the history of the South side of Peoria. Dead are our young women and men dying in our streets. Numb to the pain of seeing death.  We must rescue ourselves from ourselves. We have turned on one another. Guess what, you know the answers to solve the problem. Start first by teaching how to introduce the woman, man and child to the mirror. That’s where love begins.

Our past leaders: Mr. Campbell, Mr. Harper, Mr. Joe Brown, Mrs. Erma Davis, and Mr. Percy Baker, Jr.