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Don’t Stop Your Mission By Katherine Young

“Don’t talk yourself out of wanting something just because you haven’t figured out how to get it.”

Young KatherineWhen you have your sights set on a goal, do not be afraid to allow your goal to be bigger than where you are presently in your life. People get scared to think beyond what they cannot see in front of them, because they may not know how they will accomplish the seemingly far-fetched goal. Plain and simple, there is no present faith if you can complete a task all in your own doing. If you did not have to STRETCH yourself to reach your goal, then you are truly missing out on a great opportunity to dig down deep within yourself and grab the best parts of who you are to contribute greatness to the world.

“Well, I have a plan, but things just aren’t going the way I expected them to go.”

Guess what? Plans change all of the time. Do not be so rigid in your thinking to believe that there is only one way to success. There are a myriad of directions, twists and turns, and connections that can strengthen your mindset and motivation to not only reach what you desire, but at the end of your journey, you gain a wealth of wisdom to continue to grow and do great things. Flexibility is key to not talk yourself out of getting what you really want.

“I don’t have much money to start my dream.”

There are countless examples of people who have had humble beginnings. Do not despise where you start because what really matters is where you will end up. Research funding opportunities and creative ways for others to invest in your goal such as angel investors. Don’t allow the lack of money to be an excuse to abort your mission. This is when it is critical for your faith to kick in and you trust in a higher purpose outside of yourself to follow through on what you have begun.

“Well, my sister said I would never reach my goal because no one else in our family has ever accomplished anything like it.”

Can you imagine the talk when the lightbulb was created? It is not up to the common man to validate your dream; you have to be willing to decipher who you can trust and then go for it! Who cares if no one else in your family has not seen what you see in your heart, soul, and mind? Maybe it has been destined that YOU will be the one to bring the dream to reality. Do not trust your pearls to swine. If you are privileged to have a core few who you can confide in, great. And if you do not, keep moving forward anyway.

You are destined to do what was always intended if you faint not, be flexible, stay humble, share your dreams with only the trusted, and above all, keep trying and pushing yourself until your goal is a reality.