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Don’t Let the Good Weather Fool You By Meicka “J”

We have all been spoiled recently with the weather being beautiful and the temperature reaching near 70 degrees, but it is still winter. Recently, I have seen an abundance of flip flops and tank tops, but it is still winter. Please do not catch pneumonia while compromising your wardrobe for the current weather conditions.

I would like to share some tips on how to adjust your wardrobe.

  • Add a denim jacket with tank tops.

  • Sweater dresses allow you to straddle the temperature fence. You will remain at room temperature and still be comfortable when the temperature drops.

  • Leggings and tunics are great ways to play it safe, as you will remain comfortable at room temperature.

  • Swap out the flip flops for a pair of flats. It’s not quite the season for toes—Spring will be here soon.