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Don’t Get Away With Murder By Cleo Dailey III (Modernday Lazurus)

“But when they measure themselves by one another, they are without understanding…” 2 Corinthians 10:12

One of my favorite shows in recent years has been the series, “How to Get Away with Murder.” Viola Davis plays the brilliant, diabolical Annaliese Keating, a high profile lawyer who is known for making sure that her clients “get away with murder,” literally. She cunningly uses the law against the law to exonerate her obviously guilty clients. She does not put her emotions in jeopardy of her job. She merely litigates. She turns it off. Murder by definition is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human by another. Oftentimes, courts face the burden of proof to show that a murder was premeditated, and not defense. That makes the definition of premeditated important. That definition states that a thing is thought out or planned beforehand. Follow me…

If you were asked how many times you have committed murder, most of us would say never. Most people don’t have the heart and soul capacity to actually commit such a heinous crime. However, in the court of the spirit, we are undeniably guilty of murder in the first degree! We lie, cheat, backbite, and gossip in our blood lust to destroy the character of others. We even become spiritual Annaliese Keating’s using the law to justify our behaviors and pious rhetoric and religious jargon. We look for ways to erase the damage done by our own issues through the scripture, misquoting line after line to fit our own marred viewpoints. We are more concerned with winning than with changing. Is comparison the root of it all?

Comparison is often said to be the thief of joy. But even more, comparison is the blatant disrespect of the brilliance of God. When God made everything, He said, “This is good.” There was nothing in heaven or in the earth that was made that was not good. That includes humanity. That includes you! When you measure your worth by others around you, you disrespect His judgment.

Further, comparison acts as a poison. Once digested, everything on the inside of a person is thwarted and shifted from its natural state. We are made in the image of God. When we swallow the poison of comparison or feed it to others, we infect the perfection of God. We erode His glory within ourselves and leave the whole of insecurity.

But what is most alarming about comparison is that it is so connected to other spirits (greed, perversion, insecurity, fear, rage, etc.). The flesh is never satisfied; once you satiate one of those spirits with comparison, you have to continue to feed the monster, until you have completely destroyed an individual. How many times have of a group of young women dissected a fellow queen walking into an establishment? What did she do? What did she say? The truth is nothing because the venom has been ingested, and what goes inside comes outside. Comparison is a weed in our spirits. We cannot merely cut it down, spray scriptures on it, or act like eventually, it will die down. We have to uproot comparison from the root, offering it no room for evidence in the judiciary garden of heaven. Comparison will not cooperate. Comparison will kill you, and everything around you. Love you-how you are, where you are, on the way to where you are destined to be!