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Doing Less; Being Well – WARMTH OF SANKOFA By Mae Catherine Godhigh

Happy New Year Everyone! My gift and aim is to spare you from another repetitive article about resolutions and diets. Candidly speaking, I prefer to begin my new year without them.

The holidays are over, and we are into a brand new year, hopefully with a brand new you and mindset. My question to you is what does a happier version of you look like?

Are you always busy? Does your day begin with YOU at the disposal of people, community, texts, emails, organizations, clubs, and you being all over the map? You rip and run until you are “burnt” out. In the end, you are left unfulfilled, miserable and no good to yourself and others.

I remember, shortly after my retirement, the news went out that I was available. Suddenly, there was a flood of calls for me to volunteer to do this and to do that. Like many of us, I was naïve and available to help. One day, I realized all of my time and energy was zapped. I was more tired and irritable than I was working a 40. Eventually, the light in my head came on, and I learned to say no. I also learned that doing less was something I could live with. I reclaimed my life, my time and my energy. Be honest. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

What is Headspace? Every individual is born with Headspace. Your Headspace is simply where you live. Your thoughts, aspirations, dreams and sometimes conversations you dare not verbalize all live in there. Not protecting your Headspace and health comes with a cost.

Here are a few pointers that will help you develop and maintain a healthy Headspace throughout this New Year.

Focus on the things you love and passions. Reduce the stress and noise in your life.

Learn to just say no and make graceful exits. Take breaks. Plan your vacations/getaways and do it!

Be spontaneous. Practice mindfulness and meditations.

Be centered and present. Eight hours of sleep is your friend!

Incorporate scented candles and stress-free music into your Headspace.

Eating clean reduces stress and diseases. Take mental health days.

Control hectic work schedules; especially schedules that rob you of work-life balance.

Happiness is not out there. It is in your mind and in your heart.

Doing more does not necessarily equate that you are doing well. It may be time to hit the reset button, take a deep breath and ask yourself, is this best version of me? If not, you might want to consider doing less and being well.