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Does The World Have EDD (Electronic Device Disorder)? By Robin Carter

The fact is electronics are a part of our daily lives in the 21st Century. However, there are the pros and cons to our ever-increasing worldwide connectivity. We can stay connected to the world from the privacy of our own home even late into the night. We may find ourselves constantly cuing in to our electronic tablets and/or cell phones searching for updates as well as chatting with certain individuals. It is good to be able to exchange information with others without having to call them. We have the ability to search and find friends, family and high school mates that we may have gotten disconnected from over the years. Planning events and sending out reminder notices are made simple with electronic devices. You will never forget someone’s birthday for it is programmed into the system and you will be reminded of it as the time approaches; that is if you have accepted a friend request. These are just a few of the pros involved with electronic devices. Now let’s focus on the cons briefly.

I was crossing the street about a month ago after leaving work, and an individual was crossing the street from the opposite side. The person was so involved with what he was doing on his cell phone he did not notice a car approaching as he was crossing. Luckily he looked up just in time to cross the street safely. Not only do we still openly talk on our cell phones without a blue-tooth device; we are still visibly texting without paying attention to the road. Another “con” is staying up late in the night using our devices for entertainment and such. A good night’s sleep can be compressed with these types of activities. Since we are exposed to the light that our devices emit, both mental activity and “light exposure” promote wakefulness; even the smallest amount. Interactive screen-time shifts the nervous system into a “fight or flight mode because it is so stimulating. Some of us have the habit of sending e-mails and group texts at all hours of the night after the rest of the world has “checked out.” I have two words for these individuals, “please stop.” This activity (late night texting) is well understood if it is an emergent situation. Some say they have trouble falling asleep at night and this is why they cue into their devices for this is entertainment while they are awake. I find that reading a book is an excellent way to fall asleep at night for it is very relaxing to the body. When you feel yourself getting sleepy, simply turn the lamp off and get a good night’s sleep. So if you want to start your morning off fresh, power down and rest easy at night.