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Doer of Deeds Luncheon is Rich with Sisterhood and Celebration By Cleo Dailey III (Modernday Lazurus)

A beautiful fall morning served as the backdrop to a day of uplifting local heroes at this year’s Doer of the Deeds Luncheon held on October 6.

DOD Jehan_1

Pam Adams, Kim Foxx and Jehan Gordon-Booth

Hosted annually by Jehan Gordon-Booth, the luncheon was derived from a heart’s cry to celebrate local women who have taken phenomenal strides in varied fields of professional and personal development. Eight ladies were heralded with going above and beyond in their prospective fields. This year’s honorees were bright, beautiful beacons of hope whose lives shined brightly as they entered to breathtaking applause. If it wasn’t enough to honor these ladies, the venue was contracted by, built by, and ran by women as well. The female empowerment was a beautiful fragrance in the air.

DOD Honorees_1

l to r: Sherry Cannon, Sonya Miles, Ronda Guyton, Pam Adams, Yolanda Riley, Angela Henry, Tammika Evans-Faulkner, and Donna Crowder

Among those noted were Sherry Cannon (Esther Golar Award for Political Leadership), Donna Crowder (The Phoenix Award), Pam Adams (Annie Jo Gordon Legend Award), Tammika Evans-Faulkner (Citizen of the Year Award), Yolanda Riley (Game Changer Award), Ronda Guyton (Excellence in Not for Profit Advocacy), Sonya Miles (Corporate Leadership Award), and our very own Angela Henry (Lighthouse Award for Media). Beautiful Hues of mauve and pink complemented beautiful hues of Black Girl Excellence, as these ladies were celebrated by their peers and treated to the royal catering of MOJA Café. No stone was left unturned in the celebration, as every intricacy was fit to the regal deserving honorees and their guests.

The keynote speaker, Kim Foxx (Cook County State’s Attorney), was mind-blowing and powerful as she delivered an address of transparency, vulnerability, unshakeable courage, and hope. There were tears, smiles, wisdom, and laughter for all in the room as she maneuvered the attendees through her potent presentation with the grace of a drum major. Panel questions, melodious tunes by DJ Mimic, a photo booth, and great ambiance rounded out an auspicious celebration. There was mingling, networking, empowerment, and pure happiness.

There was a brief moment when we were able to see Mrs. Henry take in the vastness of the moment. She, like the other celebrants had prepared, invited, and reached the moment where they could finally sit down. A silent inhale was taken, and in that moment, you could see her gratitude and humility shine like a crisp morning sunray. She didn’t just inhale for herself, but for every woman who had sacrificed before her, and for every woman who would take the baton to follow after her legacy. It was poetic. She was powerful and poised all at the same time, and the room could feel it.

To our illustrious leader, Angela Henry, and to all of the royal celebrants, the Traveler Weekly Family extends our greatest congratulations. Thank you for your strength, vision, and tenacity. Your best days are just beginning!