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Do You Know What You Want? By Katherine Young

In June, I wrote to you about slowing life down and how my family was starting the summer off with a “no-spending” challenge. The challenge went very well for all of us and for the first time in a long time, I was able to slow life down, and just be still, pray, write, and figure out what was the next best move for my life. During this time, here are a few lessons I was reminded of regarding my family and myself:

1. It is quite freeing to have more resources for more quality goals such as a future cruise or a much-needed home project;

2. My children can enjoy what they have at home and just go with the flow; 

3. Life is better with less.

Let me restate the last lesson again: Life is better with less. During June’s time of reflection, I was able to put things into perspective: physical, mental, spiritual, and of course financial. I was often reminded to “do what you can with what you have, where you are.” This insightful quote by Theodore Roosevelt rings so true that when you are face-to-face with only what you have, whatever “THAT” is in the moment, you have a decision to make: either you will use what you have, and work to build upon that, or you will make excuses to stay where you are, in the comfort of mediocrity, never giving yourself a chance to try something different.

There is nothing wrong with quiet time for reflection, prayer, and new preparations for the next phase of your life, for “in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15). Most often than not, quietness is a necessity to be still and hear the Lord speaking to you so that you will know your next move, and how you can build on what you already have. Do you know what you want?

I want to encourage you to DREAM BIG and do not allow your fears or others opinions to block your God-given destiny. Take time to be still to study, trust, obey, pray, and praise God for His guidance in helping you decide what you want. Be decisive. It is better to make a decision that may be right or wrong; otherwise, you may end up as a flat squirrel on the pavement of life who couldn’t make a decision.