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Discovering the Passion of Life By Kaye Bell

The world is a place that permits you to explore the endless boundary of one’s life.

kay bellWhile we travel on our journey to discover the passion of every gift and talent, let us be prepared for distractions along the way. Complications will come but only to help us embrace the power within us. Press past the negativity to persevere and maintain your focus and purpose.

In a world of uncertainty one may find certain doors closed or difficult to enter, but continue to remain passionate about life. The goals and achievements in our path are attainable, so go for it! You will find joy and excitement in doing so. If you have any complacency let it go. Keep your heart and mind open to doors you have never walked through before. Know that you matter and have so much to offer as you change things for the better. Let’s make every second count in the discovery of your passion for life.