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Dirty Tricks of Beauty By Meicka “J”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and discarded cosmetics are just as valuable as new. It turns out that when you return lipstick you purchased last week, it finds its way to the dumpster. Products that are old, on clearance, and returned are discarded. Recently You-Tube vloggers have shared their dumpster hauls and how to sanitize products prior to use. Although there is health and safety concerns with dumpster diving, many swear by this practice.

Some dumpster divers do this for profit hence…eBay selling. Of course, sellers fail to mention where these products come from as it will deter potential buyers. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying lipstick from eBay not knowing its “makeupfax” prior to purchasing. For all I know, it could’ve come from the dumpster of CVS or ULTA or been sitting in someone’s Caboodles for two years.

Laws for dumpster diving vary from state to state. You could be fined and ticketed for trespassing. Many divers wait until closing time when the trash is taken out by employees. Divers are staked out, and as soon as the lid to the dumpster closes, they dive in. One lady, I spoke with online recently reported she has been diving for over a year. She reports that she does it as a guilty pleasure and does not profit; that it helps keep her beauty expenses down. Her routine consists of going undercover with a friend in protective clothing and gloves. “Most garbage bags are clear, so it makes sorting easier,” she exclaims. She takes the trash bags home to her garage and spends at least an hour sorting through them. She shared that she even found a practically new Urban Decay NAKED palette. Those babies go for $54.00 in stores.

One vlogger, “Shelbizlee” on You-Tube I follow shares her finds from dumpster diving. She reports that she has found thousands of dollars worth of beauty treasures from dumpster diving. Many divers report that most products are used, but swear by finding new and practically new products. Some stores have gotten “hip” to divers so they break it down to destroy the product so it can’t be reused. I am not one to knock someone else’s hustle, but I am not willing to go that far for a NAKED palette!