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Demystifying “Shark Tank” Daymond John’s Success Formula By Cassiette West-Williams

Oaklawn, IL — Our business news is filled with brick and mortar store closings, most recently Sears, Macy’s and even Kroger’s. According to Mike Vogel, a seminar presenter for Daymond John, our society is moving to the internet to purchase goods of all types. And Google and 40 other internet “stores” are putting traditional business’ out of existence. So how does one increase their income and ride the current wave of popularity in current business circles? One option would be to use Google and become trained on how to maximize its global market. New business owners must think out of the box to remain competitive in the market and capitalize on profits.

In the Chicagoland area, “Shark Tank’s” Daymond John, recently offered five free business seminars to entice people seeking a financial change. Of course, they had bigger than life posters of Daymond John posted up in the lobby of the Oaklawn Hilton Hotel, but he was a no-show, but you do not learn this fact until after you arrive. Most people came expecting to see him, only to walk-in and see that his “brand” and his image were used as a marketing scheme to bring hundreds of people to the Oaklawn Hilton Hotel. The advertising appeared on Facebook and various places on the internet and local radio stations.

John’s is the author of four books, the creator of the clothing brand FUBU, a presidential advisor (under former President Barack Obama’s administration) and a television icon on Shark Tank. This television show helps some business people make a presentation and sell their idea/proposal to one of the four Shark Tank stars. Kind of like the business world’s version of American Idol. It was shared that Shark Tank receives an estimated 500,000 business proposals, but only 100 business owners are selected to appear on the show.

Free you say? What was the catch? His all white, all male staff offered four hours of material on the surface. To receive the real training, one must spend $5,000 to $1,997 with his organization to get an insider’s look at how to earn money, beyond a weekly pay check. One is trained on how John’s developed his success story and then you fine tune it to your business (with his seven steps) to earn a much higher income than what you are currently earning. Yes, this comes with a money back guarantee that if you do not earn a higher income from selling on Amazon and your “brand”, you will have your money 100% refunded. If you select the real estate side of John’s program and you are not flipping houses, you also receive a refund after six months.

The seven steps are working hard, being honest, making smart decisions, continuously learning, maintaining a positive attitude, communicating clearly and giving feedback, according to the glossy, color brochure that was given to audience members. After taking the three-day training class, John’s team will work with your business and guide clients with their success for six months. Refunds are issued only if the client has failed to be successful.

For example, a guy was selling basic black belts and earning a few thousand dollars a year from his door to door sales. Under Daymond John’s Success Formula, he is earning more than $67,000 dollars per month. John’s made one phone call to his business partners and the guy went from day-to-day sales to 25 retail venues in one hour! He is also using the internet and Google to earn most of these sales. The seminar provided video footage of the business owner, spouting the positive effects of having experienced the program.

There were pros and cons to the seminar, but my main beef with the program was that no one speaking or educating audience members looked like us (99.9 percent of the African American audience of more than 600 people). Next, spending or investing that sum of money was never mentioned in the original advertisement. Is it me, or who walks out of their home with $2,000 or $5,000? Finally, even if you had that kind of money at the seminar, you either had to sign up right then and there or miss the opportunity to move to the next level with Daymond John’s Success Formula.

I have 37 pages of hand written notes from both seminar speakers. If you tried to use your phone to take notes, they stopped you and said no electronic devices in use at this event. Did I learn new information? YES! My eyes were opened to many ideas and areas that I had dismissed in the past. For example, I read a lengthy Chicago Tribune article about how Chinese entrepreneurs are purchasing real estate in large numbers. Well, John’s staff confirmed that they train Chinese businessmen and they are doing well with American real estate. In fact, they named several ethnic groups who pay and train with John’s team, to get a jump-start on the market. They are turning over their first million, sometimes in less than a year. So while some people push college or job training skills, foreigners are coming over here and mastering this three-day course and buying up land or selling products that many American’s do not have access to, because we lack the contacts and resources. I also learned that young people (ages 18 to 25) are taking the leap with these types of programs and have legitimate money to spend after six or seven months.

Was the research there to support the facts? Yes, it was backed up with articles from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times (no Black press was used as evidence or documentation). The men were dressed in blue suits, starched white shirts and dark shoes. They were over 50 years-old, had families and wives. Mike Vogel was a high school graduate and Steve Wyman is a college graduate, with a major in finance. What is their selling point? John’s owns more than 100 business’ and real estate ventures. So, if you desire to be like him, they have the resources and connections to help you excel with this venture.

One is paying for the “inside scoop” to garner this type of success. I watched as people walked out of the hotel ballroom and debated whether I would stay until the end. They said there would be free gifts for the audience members, and they provided John’s e-books as gifts. Their philosophy was “time is precious” and “money goes in and out.” Money was the focus and making wise business decisions was what they discussed. Since I am not a business woman by profession, I found the information enlightening and somewhat useful. However, I feel that people need that extra time to invest in this type of venture, or perhaps, are retired and can afford the time to invest in these programs.

If you have $5,000 to spare and a work ethic to become a successful entrepreneur, John’s customer service can be reached at 800-206-0429.