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“DEMETER—Barbados Cherry” — Lifestyles by Felicia Hazzard


“Malpighia glabra blossom and fruit” by Eric Gaba

If you haven’t been on a vacation yet this summer, maybe I have the perfect solution on where to go. Recently, I met two ladies from Barbados who told me about an incredible fruit that is produced in Barbados. In fact, it is a cherry known as the ‘Barbados Cherry’ that is one of the richest of all fruits with its potent content of Vitamin C.

I was curious to see what a Barbados cherry looks like. So, I went online and what popped up was a fragrance by Demeter Fragrance Library known as Barbados Cherry.

The Barbados cherry is a soft, delicate and juicy fruit that starts out as a colorful shrub with small pink and white flowers. It grows in full bloom in spring, late summer and fall. Barbados Cherry by Demeter captured the essence of this beautiful fruit with a sweet and tart aroma that stays on for more than six hours!

Demeter Fragrances Library scents which is an enormous collection are natural and Barbados Cherry is a sweet scent that represents the country of Barbados beautifully.

So, why not consider a fragrance from a tropical island like Barbados Cherry Cologne Spray from Demeter. It gives the ultimate escape into blissfulness. Visit to learn more.


image attribute:  “Malpighia glabra blossom and fruit” by Eric Gaba (Sting – fr:Sting) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –