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D is for Democracy By Cheryll Boswell

We hold these truths to be self-evident, has an entirely different meaning for the current occupant of the oval office, also known as the 45th President of the United States. The primary purpose of the Constitution is to provide direction for the three branches of Government. It also outlines individual and combined powers of each branch, while reserving the rights of each individual state. Though seemly outdated, the Constitution defines the accountability of the government to the people. The authoritative way Trump is leading this country while using the Constitution is a threat to our democracy.

Personally, I believe Trump is taking notes from the President of Russia-Vladimir Putin’s playbook on dictatorship, to change how democracy works in this country. Putin attacked Muslims in Russia. Donald Trump called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering this country. Putin recentralized power and changed how governors are elected in Russia. Donald Trump is using his power to control Congress, undermine our judicial system, and threaten the justice department when they defend the law and not him. The poorer the country, the lower the education levels, the less likely for the chance of a stable democracy. Russia is a very poor country and the population is pretty much all white. Majority of Trump supporters are rural, poor, uneducated white people. Authoritarians like Putin and Trump rely on intimidation, ignorance, and corruption to stay in office.

This country seems have two sets of standards when it comes to upholding the laws and the Constitution. One for Black Presidents who are composed, and intelligent, and one for White Presidents who are uneducated and bullies. The long-awaited Mueller report lays out a legal foundation for how the Russian government interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. Yet the President denies his involvement with Russia. Still, more than ten people who worked for Trump or directly on his presidential campaign have been indicted or are currently in prison after the special counsel’s investigation into Russia interference. From the former national security advisor who lied about his communications with Russia, to Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney and Paul Manafort, who was his senior campaign advisor, all are in prison. Two former Congressmen are also in prison after working on his campaign. We don’t need a report that took over two years to come to fruition to let people know the current president has no respect for the law. His obstruction of justice and unwillingness to make policy changes that would prevent election interference from Russia has not happened.

Recently, there was much talk about this country being in a recession. Trump verbally attacked the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell because he refused to lower interest rates while the President was raising tariffs on China. Political history shows if the economy is stable presidents win re-elections. If the economy is bad, we might just get another Black president. We did in 2008. This country was in a recession when Obama won the election. Unemployment was at all-time high and banks were on the verge of collapsing. We cannot let history repeat itself regardless of the economic state in this country in 2020 and re-elect Trump.

D stands for democracy not Democrats. The democracy of this country is being challenged by the current occupants of the white house. It is eroding faster than climate change in Alaska. The biggest threat this country is facing is not Russia, it’s Donald Trump. America, Congress, you can no longer justify protecting this narcissistic President and not the integrity of this country.