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Customer Service By Cleo Dailey III (Modernday Lazurus)

”But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

Customer service is probably one of the hardest jobs known to man. You utilize multitasking skills, conflict resolution, and interact with people who normally you may never see. It’s a hard knock life for sure! However, those that work in any field that pertains to customers recognize that each interaction builds a stronger resolve for the next interaction.

Life is funny in that way. We learn from what we experience. We grow as we go. In the school of life, Isaiah learned the same lesson. The sins and disobedience of Israel led them captive once again, and in a time of unrest, God used Isaiah as a voice crying in the wilderness. He wanted to remind Israel that what they were going through was much like customer service. You see, most times when we read verse 31, we are excited about the notion that, as we sit in the preponderance of time, God comes and rescues us. Many times we’ve heard it preached that He will whimsically rush us out of problems and spare us the toil of going through it. This is categorically wrong, as no good father would ever pull a child out of a lesson. Good parents sit on the sidelines, reassuring you that the lesson is to mature you. After this same manner, Isaiah reminds us that it’s in the trial, the toil, and the frustrating moments that we learn who we truly are. And for that matter, who we are not. It is a matter of perspective. Waiting is not always in time, and usually, the waiting that we must do is in service.

Those that love Fitness understand that muscles are grown and developed in the process of resistance, the more weight, the more strength. God gives you faith like a server’s tray, and the vicissitudes of life are then piled on it. You walk through trials much like a waitress or waiter would walk through their assigned area, and you are then employed and empowered to use what you have (faith and experience) to get you to the next “table” of life. Your experience literally converses with your faith and lets you know when you are over a thing and ready to move on.

Mounting up with wings as eagles” is not just beautiful allegory. Oftentimes, eagles undergo a severely painful pruning process, where they pluck off individual feathers that no longer serve their purpose. (They do it themselves.) Those feathers usually have to be ripped out so that new, stronger feathers can grow in. If you want to soar, there is no quick fix. Soaring happens by expanding; and oftentimes expansion is a lonely place. Eagles soar alone because other animals don’t have the wing expansion, the will to elevate, or the preponderance of patience to get there. Should you find your plate full, and your heart heavy, know that you have been employed by God. You are now a waiter. Your good news is that your waiting will bring your elevation. Isn’t that a good thing!


-Modernday Lazurus

Cleo Dailey, III is a freelance writer and aspiring author who has written for several city and nation-wide publications. He is currently studying to obtain a degree in both English and Clinical Psychology, and the Minister of Music for New Life Christian Church in Peoria, IL.