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“Creativity Uncorked” Celebrating our Peoria Native: R. Rashad Reed By Francesca Armmer

If you travel along Western Avenue, one of the artistic scenes you will see is the historically based mural near the intersection of Western and Howett streets. Likewise, traveling down MacArthur Highway, at the NAACP Headquarters is the eye-catching mural depiction of landmarks of the civil rights movement. These and several artistic presentations are the artistic work of R. Rashad Reed.


Photo by Andrea Ellen Reed

R. Rashad Reed is a Peoria-native whose artistic talent has been honed through a process of formal education and apprenticeship. In describing the focus of his artistic efforts, Reed identifies his work as contemporary figurative sculpture and expressive portraits and paintings. One of his signature works is the development of an annual calendar. Through this calendar, images of much of Reed’s work is displayed.


It is within this contemporary context that Reed has established a gallery and program entitled “Creativity Uncorked.” With the implementation of this contemporary vision, Reed has established a relaxed gallery atmosphere that offers “parties” rather than classes. In discussing Creativity Uncorked, Reed described the establishment of party opportunities that blend a social experience with an art experience. Within the parties, templates are provided which serve only as a guide and therefore allows for the artistic creativity of each person; no experience needed.


Creativity Uncorked is located at 815 S.W. Adams St, Peoria, IL. Opportunities for group reservations that include birthday parties, church group gatherings, private parties, and children parties are available. The children parties are usually 1-1.5 hours and the adult parties are 2 hours or more, as arranged. While most events are scheduled during weekends, Creativity Uncorked events may be arranged throughout the week. 


In addition to the exciting parties, when you walk into the gallery, Reed has established an area that he named “100 Gallery”. It is in this area that Reed displays affordable original artwork, reproductions, and customized all occasion greeting cards.


As an artist entrepreneur, Reed has expressed an ultimate goal of working with, potentially partnering, with other young artists who seek to establish their presence in the Peoria community. When asked about the challenges of firmly establishing Creativity Uncorked, Reed emphasized the importance of continued support from the Peoria community.


In an effort to express appreciation and to have celebration, the public is invited to:


Creativity Uncorked!

1st Anniversary Celebration

Friday, August 18, 2017

815 S.W. Adams

6:00 pm-9:00 pm

If you have any questions or would like to make an individual or group reservation, feel free to contact Creativity Uncorked at: e-mail: or call 309-807-9694.

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