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Covid: Take it Seriously By Erica Miller

I feared catching Covid. When it first hit home, I was behind walls. Yes, I was incarcerated. Our unit had a few inmates that were getting ill. They locked us down. We got sack lunches.

I had underlying conditions; asthma and hypertension with a high BMI (Body Mass Intensity). I escaped that only to come home eight months later to contract the virus. It knocked the wind out of me. I was on plenty of medicines as of before; now I have more. I was fearful. The virus had me down to the point where my pulmonary physician took me off of work. She did not believe the environment was safe for me to return.

Now, I am out of work, and it’s been difficult to get unemployment benefits. Seven months later and I’m still fighting for my benefits. No one is exempt from this virus. Take safety precautions. Wash your hands as much as you can as well as you want. Wear your mask.

I have been asked whether I have gotten vaccinated. No, I have not. I am still experiencing difficulties and was told I will be a long-timer. Meaning I will have symptoms for some time. I still cannot smell. I remember the things I liked before Covid came into my life, so I eat that mainly off of familiarity.

Covid has taken the lives of many. I would challenge each and every one of you to get familiar with this disease.

Take care of yourselves. Do not take Covid lightly. I’m still battling with the aftermath.