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“I think Peoria has so much untapped potential. Peoria isn’t operating at the level it should be because the current leadership isn’t making sure that every citizen in every district is benefiting from the decisions being made at city hall,” says Couri Thomas. For some, Couri Thomas wasn’t the obvious choice to run for Mayor of Peoria. He doesn’t come from a long line of politicians and has no political experience. However, what he does have is a love for the city he grew up in, a passion for helping people live a better quality of life, and most importantly, a VISION that benefits every citizen in every district. “Experience has run this city for the last twelve years, look where that has gotten us; $125,000 of wasted tax payers money, more crime, high poverty, no real business development or growth and the top spot in the nation for being the worst place for African-Americans.”

Couri has developed a platform he’s named the Comprehensive Citizen Investment Strategy. The strategy focuses primarily on equipping the youth with entrepreneurship skills, adults with the necessary tools and training to live the best quality of life, creating a more vibrant downtown, creating transportation efficiency and strengthening business owners with the city.

“When I become Mayor, the city will no longer need to question whether the citizens’ needs are at the forefront of the decision-making,” Couri states.

Comprehensive Citizen Investment Strategy (CCIS) shifts the focus from bringing in outside business and refocuses the attention to cultivating entrepreneurs within the city.

  • Raise minimum wage so that people can bring home enough to feed and house their families, as well as bring in more disposable income which can then be reinvested in their communities.
  • Work with various groups and organizations throughout the city to develop an educational program that will teach our youth to become business oriented leaders and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Work to provide adult oriented training so that citizens can acquire necessary skills to fulfill the needs of growing industries here in Peoria.
  • Work to improve the city’s transportation system to make it more functional and efficient for citizens to get to work, shop, and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the CCIS will create in Peoria.
  • Redevelop downtown to be more attractive for tourists, citizens, and businesses old and new.