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Courage With A Smiling Face By Evangelist Charity Sephus


Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”-  Joshua 1:9

 charity SephusLiving by faith, means starting each day in a world that will continuously change. Here we stand under the light of Life. We made it through another year and just as God’s grace kept us ‘till now, he will again guide each thought, step, and action. Each morning things come to us slowly as God provides our daily map. From moments to hours, points of light become clear. Smile with courage! God is here! Feel the breeze! See the air in the trees!

May the year begin without a longing thought of the past for what should have been. As courage takes the stage, listen to your heart saying “live”! The sounds of life fill the air. At this point, physical pain becomes shadowed and to ponder things that we can’t control is unimportant.  Courage lends balance between our favorite tasks and necessities. Courage is like an implant that you pray your body will accept so you obey the Doctor’s orders. In this case Dr. Jesus gives the prescription that keeps your heart from rejecting courage.

Embrace the legacies from God with a smiling face and the comfort that comes with it.  Good courage and strength keeps us from giving up and becomes our personal inheritance to defeat the enemy of our inspiration. Isaiah 59:19 says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”  

In the cool of the quiet days of winter, the soul gets refreshed with new ideas and goals. This burst of energy is not a trick played on our emotions. It is a revival from God who promised us more abundant life. It’s free! We need to use it! With our smiling courage, on center stage, the road blocking ills are defeated. Years go by so quickly but not in vain because smiles linger in the blessed years of experience. Just feel God’s love in quietness and determination.

Living by faith teaches us to care enough to learn from the things that are seen. Admire the flowers, and appreciate the birds that sing. We cannot function without the stars at night. Days, whether sun-filled or wind-swept, give new opportunities to display the comportment of a child of the King.

When Paul wrote, “Be of good courage,” it suggests more than average. It’s like adding your secret ingredient (before you stir the soup) to acquire the perfect attitude (taste) to cope with losses and disappointments assigned to our lives. Through our tears, we plaster a smile and at that moment of sheer enjoyment and ecstasy, we step onto center stage with courage as our spotlight. This is stellar! We win!     

Courage with a smiling face adds quality to life making a difference between really living or simply being alive.