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Concept of Sports by Mark Hollis


The stalemate continues between NFL player, Adrian Peterson, and the Minnesota Vikings. The marquee running back finds himself pushing for a trade out of Minnesota after feeling slighted and unsupported last season. Peterson was suspended for disciplining his young son with a switch that resulted in welts on the boy’s legs. His son’s mother immediately took pictures and presented them to the press. With the media outcry of child abuse, Adrian was bundled in with the likes of Ray Rice and branded problematic for the league. He was suspended for the entire 2014 season and banned from the team’s facility. Team General Counsel, Kevin Warren Spear, headed the decision to put distance between the Vikings and Peterson and has since been promoted to the Chief Operating Officer.

Adrian Peterson is eligible for reinstatement on April 15th of this year. The problem for the Minnesota Vikings is the lack of a relationship between the new COO and Peterson. The Vikings management has clearly indicated that they will not trade Peterson and that he is a critical part of their scheme for this season. Conversely, Peterson has stated that he does not want to play for the Vikings and wishes to be traded. With his announcement, there has been a plethora of teams willing to restructure their teams to create the financial cap space to sign him. The Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals are clearly looking to bring in a running back with the caliber of Peterson. Realistically, if a team waves enough cash and draft picks at the Vikings, anything is possible.

Given the divide between Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings, it’s apparent that there will be no clear winners after April 15th. The once embraceable relationship between the two has been destroyed. The team’s method in dealing with Peterson was to “treat him with a long handled spoon” as the say down South. Should they not trade him then the question of productivity on the field is a concern. Will Peterson give it 110 percent when he’s playing or produce marginal results due to his frustrations with the front office? One thing for sure is that the media frenzy that precipitated the event in the first place will benefit them once again. Thus, Peterson’s plight continues.