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Concept of Sports By Mark Hollis – The Worlds Most Dominant Athlete

mark hollis color pic lrgAthletes tend to be measured by what they accomplish on the field or court of play. Being able to overcome adversity in highly competitive situations insures their ability to dominate the game. The concept of dominance, in any sport, is applicable to the expectation of winning for a select few of athletes. LeBron James seems to carry the load not only for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the entire NBA. He has become the brand for the league and is its marquee player. Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, brings to the game of football an intense ability to lead his team to playoff contention every year. Usain Bolt, the great Jamaican sprinter, has dominated track and field competition in the World and Olympic Games. In tennis the conversation can easily center on Roger Federer as the most dominate active player, but his accomplishments trail in categories of dominance to Serena Williams.

In my opinion, Serena Williams is without a doubt the most dominate athlete on Earth. What she has been able to accomplish is mind-boggling. She has won twenty Grand Slam Singles titles with a winning percentage of 83 percent. Serena has won twenty-six Grand Slam Doubles titles with a 96 percent winning average. Serena has the greatest serve ever in women’s tennis. She has been ranked number one by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), 238 straight weeks and counting. Unlike contracted athletes, Serena has earned a staggering $69,676,428 in career earnings since turning professional, not including endorsement and appearance fees.

In a recent segment on ESPN’s coverage of the Wimbledon Championships comparisons were made between several other prominent professional athletes and Serena Williams. LeBron James has won two of the last four NBA Finals while Serena has won twenty of the last twenty-four Grand Slam finals. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, but Serena doesn’t set her schedule or select her opponents. The point that is being made is simple; there are no strings attached with Serena. She doesn’t compete in a team environment where winning is predicated on how well your teammates execute during the game. Serena steps on the court without hesitating to play whoever is in her half of the draw. She does one thing consistently that puts her at the top of the list of The World’s Most Dominate Athlete and that is winning.